Personal introduction

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself here

Name: Thomas Wiegand
Age: 41
Full time: Machine operator in a Factory
Secondary: Airbrusher
Hobbies: Reading / Cycling / Motorcycling

Career with Airbrush

I did my first airbrush attempt in 2011.

I started with a small compressor and a cheap airbrush gun and a few colors

from Createx.

At the end of 2012 at the beginning of 2013 I did a Grud course at Wow - Air in Essen after some failed attempts and bad results.

In the following years I have different techniques appropriated as e.g. the production of masking foils and different spraying techniques.

In 2015, I created a small business from my hobby named
Marshall Airbrushing Arts by Thomas Wiegand

My focus shifted to custom painting and wall design as well as to the direction

of modeling and Illustrations.

In 2017 I went with my small business then take the step and join me
Airbrush Association e.V. Registered.

Also in 2017, two of my works were in the newspaper
Airbrushed Step by Step.